Cheat sheet

This page is for those amongst you, that need to rush in or just need a fresreshment, when it comes to Roddy usage. We will mostly list useful commands and that’s it. No big explanations or other things. If you need this, open up the Walkthrough.

Create a new project

bash prepareprojectconfig create [targetprojectfolder]

# Open up the applicationProperties.ini. Change:

- The cluster settings
- Add the COProjectConfigurations path which you need.

# Open the XML file. Change:

- The project id in the header
- Add analyses you need (see user guide, last part)
- Add / change values you need (e.g. I/O dir)


bash listdatasets [project]@[analysis] --useconfig=[yourinifile]

Testrun / Run

bash testrerun [project]@[analysis]  [id] --useconfig=[yourinifile]