Frequently Asked Questions

Indicated packet length … too large

The SSH library we currently use (sshj) does not work if during your login on the submission host (on which the e.g. qsub command is executed). Make sure during the login no output is generated, e.g. from your $HOME/.profile, $HOME/.bashrc, etc. files.

When something wents wrong and Roddy returns an error code

Roddy can exit with a range of exit codes which are:

Exit code Description
255 You must call roddy from the right location! This is the folder where resides.
254 SystemExitException throw by GroovyServ. Only occurs when GroovyServ is enabled (not by default!).
253 Command line was malformed, check your input and correct mistakes.
252 Execution requirements unfulfilled. Seems you are missing some applications, please install them or ask your administrator to do it for you.
251 Startup options could not be parsed. Check your command line.
250 Cannot find requested feature toggle file. Please make sure, that the required file exists.
249 Feature toggle is not known. There are only some available. If you are unsure about this, don’t use them, if not necessary.
248 Unknown problem with proxy setup. Check your proxy settings.
247 scratchBaseDir is not defined in your application ini file. Please set it so that it matches your cluster settings.
246 The wrong job manager class is set in your application ini file. Please correct that.
245 Application properties file not found or loadable. Make sure, that the file exists.
244 Could not load the requested analysis. Look for typos or take another one.
243 Severe configuration errors occurred. Take a detailed look into the error messages and your configuration file,
242 Unhandled exception. That is a bad one. Take a look at any error message and get in contact with us.
241 Unknown SSH host. Change the hostname, it is possibly wrong.
240 SSH setup is not valid. Please follow the instructions and check your application ini file.
239 Fatal error during SSH setup. Please contact us in this case.
100 Someone uses a wrong exit code somewhere in Roddy. Exit codes should be in class ExitReasons (if possible) and must be in the range [1;255].

In any case, we try to provide you a good explanation about what happened wrong and how you can solve it. If you find the messages hard to understand, contact us.