The Roddy WMS

What is Roddy

Roddy is a framework for development and management of script based workflows on a batch processing cluster.

You can find the Roddy source code and its releases on our GitHub project site

Key Features

Roddy has several key features which make it a good choice to be used as a base for workflows:

  • Multi-Level configuration system
  • Modular application design
  • Access to several cluster backends (via BatchEuphoria)
  • Different versions of plugins/workflows and the Roddy core application are handled in a single installation
  • Various already implemented workflows
  • Callable stand-alone or integrable in other applications
  • Only a few dependencies and no database for the Roddy core application necessary
  • Various execution modes to support users to get their work done faster

The multi-layer configuration system and the handling of plugin versions make Roddy particularly well suited for multi-user, multi-project environments.

Where to start?

Take a look at the example workflow package: Example workflow

Do you want to use it to run existing workflows? Then head over to the Users guide

Do you want to develop workflows with it? Open up the Plugin developers guide

Do you want to develop it? See the Developers guide

Do you have questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions

License and associated projects

Roddy is offered under an MIT based license.

We extracted from Roddy two possibly helpful open source libraries, again under MIT license:

  • RoddyToolLib is a Java / Groovy library which provides several tools used in BatchEuphoria and Roddy. See the project description for more information.
  • BatchEuphoria is a Java / Groovy library designed to offer easy access to cluster systems. Currently supported are PBS, SGE and LSF Rest