Cheat sheet

This page is for those amongst you, that need to rush in or just need a refreshment when it comes to Roddy usage. We will mostly list useful commands and that’s it. No big explanations or other things. If you need more information, open up the Walkthrough.

Create a new project

bash prepareprojectconfig create [targetprojectfolder]

# Open up the applicationProperties.ini. Change:

- The cluster settings
- Add the COProjectConfigurations path which you need.

# Open the XML file. Change:

- The project id in the header
- Add analyses you need (see user guide, last part)
- Add / change values you need (e.g. I/O dir)


bash listdatasets [project]@[analysis] --useconfig=[yourinifile]

Testrun / Run

bash testrerun [project]@[analysis]  [id] --useconfig=[yourinifile]